What do I need to know before choosing veterinary medicine?


Before entering the faculty of veterinary medicine the student needs to know that he will need to dedicate himself a lot to his studies. Because it is a difficult and long course (in some colleges the graduation takes about 5 years).

And the studies do not stop there, as competition in the job market is increasingly fierce, it is common, after the end of college, to do some specialization lasting another year.

As the course has a wide range of activities, it is important that the student performs well in subjects in the basic cycle of the course, such as anatomy, histology, microbiology, physiology, pharmacology, among others.

What are the main fields of action of the veterinarian?

After its formation, the job market offers several fields of action for the veterinarian. Like for example:

  • large animal clinic;
  • production of food of animal origin;
  • public health with the control of zoonosis and epidemics;
  • technical, criminal, judicial and administrative expertise;
  • wild animal clinic;
  • diagnostic and research laboratories;
  • technical responsible in clinics, feed factories and kennels;
  • veterinary hospitals and practices;
  • marketing of products intended for animal use
  • research for the preservation of species;
  • inspection and sanitary inspection at Municipal, State and Federal levels.

The veterinarian can still work in the academic field.

When choosing to follow any of these areas, the professional will have more diverse activities to fulfill. That is, in health inspection and inspection, the veterinarian ( veterinaire garde jours fériés ) will be responsible for inspecting all places that are necessary for the hygienic and sanitary control of products of animal origin.

In food technology, on the other hand, the professional will need to carry out new processing research or improve existing ones in the industry. Certainly, whoever chooses to continue in public health with the control of zoonoses and epidemics, together with other professionals, will contribute to the reduction of infectious diseases, epidemics and outbreaks.

In the care clinics, the veterinarian’s performance can be divided into three main phases:

# 1 Large Animals

This professional usually works in the field attending cattle, goats and horses.

# 2 Wild Animals

The veterinarian will work in zoos, a reptile farm or an ostrich. Or, private or public institutions that need the removal of wild animals from road construction areas, flooding, among other situations.

# 3 Small Animals

This is the most popular! The role of the veterinarian in this case refers to the clinical care of dogs and cats. In addition, the professional provides surgical services, vaccination and outpatient procedures.

Labor market

The job market in this segment continues to grow. As well as offering undergraduate and specialization courses in veterinary medicine. Just to exemplify the growth of the market, Brazil is the second largest pet market in the world. So, you can imagine how heated this area is, right? But, it is important to remember that there is a lot of competition, especially if you are going to work in the clinical area of ​​small animals.

To circumvent competitiveness, it is important that professionals always reinvent themselves and constantly take professional training courses. Thus, you will win a loyal customer base.

And have you chosen your area of ​​expertise?

Don’t worry, the veterinary field still has several branches with specialties in veterinary dentistry, cardiology, ophthalmology, ultrasound, among others.

How to become the most desired veterinarian on the market?

he area of ​​veterinary medicine is very popular and this is nothing new. Altogether there are already more than 120,000 professionals with active registration in the country. And every year more and more professionals graduate from more than 340 courses licensed by MEC. But, what everyone wants to know is how to become a successful veterinarian?

When you opted for a career in veterinary medicine, surely one of your biggest stimuli was your love for animals, right? And there is no problem with that! But, many professionals when they finish college try to enter the job market with several unsuccessful attempts.

As the number of trained professionals grows every year, many encounter difficulties in the market. Precisely because of the great competition, becoming a successful veterinarian ends up being a great challenge. With that in mind, we have prepared this article with a few simple steps for you to become a successful veterinarian!

If you gain more credibility with your colleagues, stand out professionally and increase your number of appointments is in your professional goals. And of course, you want to know the answer to the key question in this post, how to be the most desired veterinarian on the market? So, I invite you to read this post until the end. Come on?

What does it take to be a successful veterinarian?

This is a very common question for practically all professionals, isn’t it? Above all, it is important to inform that there is no “cake recipe” to have the long-awaited success that applies to everyone. But, there are some steps that, if adopted, can put you closer to your professional goals.

The fact is that we can see that several professionals in the area regret that they study hard and have worked so hard in college, but when they form the “fairy tale” it ends and the reality found is the deficit of salary or the lack of clients in their clinic. or veterinary hospital. Finally, if there is so much complaint, something is wrong, isn’t it?

To start with, you need to choose a specialty, as each has its specific obligations. The field of veterinary medicine is extremely broad, with more than 80 areas to work. Defining this is This will help you tackle your daily tasks with more preparedness.

Now that you know the starting point, the time has come to define where to start, or what your priorities will be. Sometimes, this priority will be linked to your reality, which must be fit into one of the following three options:

  • You already have an idea of ​​what you want to do or which area of ​​veterinary medicine you want to pursue;
  • He hasn’t decided yet, but he already works in some area and his daily routine will dictate his learning;
  • You have no idea of ​​the area you want to choose, but you are eager to learn.

If you already know the area you want to pursue or the company you want to work for, this will help a lot. But, even if you don’t have it all figured out, these steps will also help you become a successful veterinarian. Check out:

1 Cultivate a good network

Yes, the famous networking couldn’t escape that list. You should already know that staying connected with people is a way to improve your experiences, have excellent job or client referrals and improve your knowledge to achieve the goals you have for your professional career.

Anyone who thinks that networking is a relationship where you only win is wrong. On the contrary, this relationship must be guided by the basis of the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences. Connect with other professionals, create value for each other and expect nothing in return.

Of course, graduation and specialization courses are a great time for that. That is, these are the places where you can most find people with something in common. Lasting relationships are those where people use the same language.

Having a professional network (networking) is no longer an option. It is indispensable.

# 2 Continuing education: take courses and extracurricular activities

What you learn in the classroom is very important. But, your education should not be based only on graduation. The investment you make in your development is directly linked to the number of hours you spend. That is, dedicate yourself to all forms of continuing education. Whether with specialization courses, lectures and seminars. They are a great opportunity to complete your knowledge and stand out from other professionals.

People are seeking more and more specialized care, so the veterinarian who is content with his graduation is wrong. Currently, post-graduate professionals are increasingly valued, moreover, having a strong postgraduate course on the market can make you, in addition to being better paid, become a reference professional in your field .

The choice of a postgraduate institution should not be based on the distance or accessibility of the plots, but on its reputation in the market and on the teaching methodology. Also consider the desirable workload and sufficient equipment for you to learn in practice.

For you who are looking for a postgraduate course in this way, check out only the Cenva Postgraduate proposal with the same methodology that CPT Cursos Presencial uses: practical and individual training:

Do not forget to consider the situation of the market in which you will operate. For example, if you are in a region with a large number of veterinary clinics and hospitals with a focus on small animals, it may be the case to think of some other area that arouses your interest as well.

Considering these points it will be easier to combine the useful with the pleasant and take off your career in veterinary medicine.

# 3 Ability to make quick decisions

This is a skill that any professional is required to perform in their daily lives, but not everyone is able to do so. Many are apprehensive to know that the patient’s life is in their hands. Therefore, the decision must be quick and accurate. After all, it is clear that you do not want to lose any patient due to lack of knowledge, do you?

For this, it is necessary to invest in knowledge to ensure security when making decisions. Because, making decisions is the veterinarian’s routine and taking them in the best possible way, especially in emergency situations, can save lives.

# 4 Invest in digital marketing actions

Today, it is virtually impossible to think of a world without technology. In the world there are already more than 3 billion people connected to the internet. That is why digital marketing and joint actions aimed at promoting a company on the internet have become increasingly essential for businesses that want to attract more customers.

Just about everything we want to know, we search on Google and spend more and more time on social networks, staying out of this world is a good way to be forgotten. Well, what’s the use of opening a clinic, investing in good specializations and having excellent equipment if no one knows all that.

In addition to the traditional pamphlets, business cards and quality service (for the famous word of mouth advertising), also bet on digital marketing actions. To invest in these strategies is to act towards the dissemination of your work.

Investing in digital marketing brings you several benefits:

  • be found more easily;
  • improving the company’s image;
  • differentiation from competition;
  • greater interaction with your audience;
  • increased customer loyalty.

No technical knowledge of the subject is required to get started! Creating pages on the main social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, is already a beautiful start, just don’t forget the rules of the Federal Council of Veterinary Medicine, regarding advertising. This will allow your venture to gain momentum, generating better and better results that will be managed correctly.

# 5 Acquire knowledge in the management area

Whatever your area of ​​expertise, it is necessary to retain management knowledge. If you want to follow and undertake your own business, this skill will be even more in demand. Good management is one of the primary conditions for success.

Much more than understanding animals, their diseases and health conditions! Also seek knowledge related to business management and think about being a manager. If you do not feel prepared, take short courses in the administration area and read publications on the subject. This will ensure your knowledge increases.

If you want to work in a company or think about having your own business, this knowledge will make your job lighter and easier. Not to mention that it will allow you to stand out among other professionals.